Dedicated to Quality

 have been working with Michael McCann for the past several years.  Through his advice, expertise and the use of Mr. McCann’s credit card processing platform, my business has grown.  Because of credit card processing, I am able to take payments from clients that would otherwise have to wait for my service.  


I strongly recommend business owners who may be considering accepting credit and debit cards to consult with Mr. McCann prior to making their decision.  Additionally, I recommend business owners who have an existing credit card process to speak with Mr. McCann as he may be able to save you money and provide you with outstanding service at the same time.



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Excellent Service

My business has trusted Michael with our credit card processing for over 4 years. He’s helped us reduce our transaction fees more than once in that time, which is what was most important to us. He personally helped us navigate any hiccups and always followed up to make sure we were pleased with the service. He walked us through our bill with our old provider and our new bill with his service, which was a bit daunting as they can be very complex. We wholeheartedly trust and recommend Michael.



Chris Duncan
Account Manager


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Professional with Top Shelf Services

“Ritchie is professional and cares for his clients as a whole, taking into account all their needs! Quality customer service as well.”  

“Every business needs Michael McCann! Merchant service fees can be costly to a business and Michael from Merchant Connecting offers the service at a reasonable cost. Quality customer service!”  

“Provides the full suite of merchant processing services needed to assist businesses in receiving card payments and top shelf services through knowledgeable local representatives.”


Ventura, Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo Counties 

Orange County,West and South Los Angeles

San Fernando Valley and North Los Angeles County


Ritchie Brill (805) 669-8382

Alain Palacios (818) 203-6693

Anna Jennings (502) 232-4990

Michael McCann (818) 390-3889


We are open M -F 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, and most every other time too!