What If?

What if you had the ability to get 100% of every order, and the ability to capture customer information and remarket to them and reward them for repeat visits?

What if you had the tools to auto generate business?

Problems with 3rd Parties

They’re 3rd parties. If there are problems with the order you get blamed and its remedied by the 3rd party. You may not even hear about it.  They take between 15%-35% of the order,  and there is a delay in payment. The 3rd party keeps your customer information and markets it to your competition. They use social to market against you, pointing to their solutions.

Beat the 3rd parties

Use a Club Card Loyalty program to beat the 3rd parties. Email your clients for their birthdays with offers. have them accumulate points with a loyalty program. Create a check in program for instant prizes. Gain status in the community with Star Ratings and Comments.

The Solution

You have 100% control. Zero Commissions, you get all the money directly, with no credit card fees.  You get all the customer data to market to them and a loyalty program to retain them.  We optimize your Facebook page, maintain and/or create your Web Page, Yelp and Google listings.


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